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Old Waterworks in České Budějovice (Old Water Treatment Plant)

A place which you should definitely visit and where you will find not only entertainment but also rest, is the complex of the old waterworks (old water treatment plant) on Mánesova street. The dominating feature of the complex is the old waterworks tower built in 1724 near old Luční Mlýn (Watermill) along the Vltava River. The water from the river was pumped into a reservoir located at the top of the tower and the gravity pushed the water into the city as well as into the Samsonova fountain. In 1882, the original baroque tower was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style. Its height was increased to 44 meters and fitted with a new cylindrical reservoir with a diameter of 8 meters capable of holding 250 m3 of water.

The tower is open to visitors during guided tours. Visitors together with the tour guide must overcome 106 steps and will come directly under the main water reservoir. The number of people per tour is limited but you may reserve your place at www.vodarenskavezcb.cz.

Because no water treatment complex should be without water, a playful water fountain ČEVAVA makes the tour more pleasant, together with other water displays which symbolize circulation of water in nature.

The playful ČEVAVA water fountain in the park below the tower is a favourite stop for young and old. In the summer, the fountain refreshes visitors with water mist. The East wall of the tower is covered by a large graffito with the city emblem created by the local painter Richard Kristinus.

Old Water Treatment Plant ČEVAK, a.s.

Mánesova 41/6
České Budějovice 7
48.9678458N, 14.4689625E